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About Psychological Hazards for Employees

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About Psychological Hazards for Employees

Even though the employer must evaluate the psychosocial hazards of the working environment, the employee as well has a very important role in creating a healthy working environment. As psychosocial hazards have a different influence on employees, it is very hard for the employer to evaluate without the employee’s input which risks must be dealt with first.

Emanating from the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the employee is obliged to inform the employer or employees’ representative about a health disorder prohibiting the employee from fulfilling their work tasks, and about deficiencies in applied protective measures. The latter is extremely important from the perspective of psychosocial hazards where the hazard is very hard to spot and impossible to measure against some marginal rate.

As an employee, you can help by doing the following:

  • inform the employer if you feel that you need supplementary information or training to fulfil the work tasks;
  • if you are uncertain which tasks are included in your professional responsibility, consult with your direct manager;
  • daily draw the employer’s or employees representative’s attention to hazards in the working environment or work organization and actively participate in the risk assessment process (e.g. by filling in questionnaires and participating at discussions);
  • if you feel bullied or harassed on your workplace, certainly talk about it to someone that you trust – your direct manager, co-worker or someone from the human resources department – and preserve any evidence (emails, statements of witnesses) for any later investigation;
  • take care of yourself, monitor your feeling and have your health checked regularly;
  • if you feel that you cannot cope with your work (for example, due to events in your private life) and temporarily need a smaller workload or different work tasks, then talk to your employer about it;
  • offer your support to your colleagues in their professional problems and accept help, if you need it yourself.

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