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The desire of company owners to quickly make a fortune, cutting down organization costs and other such changes require additional time and energy from people; work is more intense and more complicated, which leads to exhaustion.

Lack of Control

Ruleset prohibiting the application of professional skills decreases employees’ independence and participation at work. If employees do not have any control over the important aspects of their work, they cannot solve the occurring problems. People lose interest if they cannot participate in decision-making.

Insufficient Remuneration

People hope that their work is remunerated with money, prestige, career opportunities and a sense of security. The mental reward is also important – to have a pleasant job in the company of respectable colleagues. If the pay is not sufficient, additional bonuses are cut down and the workplace does not have any career perspective, the joy of work disappears.

Community Collapse

One of the results of the aforementioned is the collapse of the workplace community. Unity vanishes due to concentrating on short-term profit and losing the occupational safety. This shall break both personal relations and teamwork.

Lack of Justice

A workplace is perceived as just if there is trust (for example, in joint projects), openness and respect. An organization in crisis does not care much about the employees’ well-being. Competitive pressure and short-term management values favour secrecy. Focusing strictly on results favours manipulating with people.

Contradictory Values

Lack of vision and chasing only the present profit contradict with the values of the most devoted employees.

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