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Incapacity Benefits

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Incapacity Benefits

Temporary Incapacity Benefits

The benefit is paid out in 30 calendar days as at the reception of appropriately formulated documents by the Health Insurance Fund. Information on the handling of the temporary incapacity for work certificate can be received by calling the Health Insurance Fund at 16 363 (when calling outside from Estonia: + 372 669 6630).

The query displays all temporary incapacity for work certificated of the past three years. To get information about earlier benefits, contact the regional Health Insurance Fund.

Temporary incapacity benefit is a monetary compensation that the Health Insurance Fund pays to the person according to the temporary incapacity for work certificate.

Temporary incapacity benefits are:

  • sickness benefit, paid in the case of an illness or injury;
  • care allowance, paid for nursing a sick family member;
  • maternity benefit, paid for the maternity leave;
  • adoption benefit, paid during the adoptive parents leave.

The Order for Paying the Incapacity Benefits

  • The incapacity benefits are paid to the insured persons starting from the 4th day of the illness or injury.
  • From the 4th to the 8th day of the illness or injury, the employer pays the incapacity benefit in the amount of 70% of the employee’s average remuneration.
  • Starting from the 9th day of the illness or injury, the incapacity benefit is paid by the Health Insurance Fund (70% of the daily income based on the employee’s social tax paid on the previous year).
  • The employer is exempt from paying the benefit if the incapacity is caused by: occupational disease, occupational accident, occupational accident in traffic, complication or illness triggered by the occupational accident, injury while protecting the interests of the state or community and while obstructing crime, transfer to easier work and illness or injury during pregnancy. In these cases, the incapacity benefit is paid by the Health Insurance Fund starting from the 2nd illness day.

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