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Non-work rooms

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Non-Work Rooms

Non-work rooms on a workplace include dressing, washing, toilet, resting and dining rooms and shelters in outdoor work. When non-work rooms are built and decorated, consider the working conditions, number of employees and division by genders. For instance, a small so-called office company does not necessarily require other non-work rooms except toilets. But if the company requires employees to wear special clothes, the dressing and washing rooms should be put into plans, taking into account that both men and women are employed.

Non-work rooms must be sufficiently lighted, air must be exchanged, and employer must have these rooms cleaned at least once a day. The temperature of non-work rooms must comply with their use purpose – dressing and washing rooms should be warmer than the resting rooms. When choosing the suitable temperature, consider the employees’ thermal comfort – the easiest way to find out is to ask for the employees’ opinion.

Employees must be guaranteed access to high quality drinking water at work and disposable or reusable drinking vessels. Drinking water may be offered as tap water or bottled water – the quality is what matters. Read more here about the requirements on different non-work rooms.

In fields of activity like construction, fishing and mining, special requirements apply on non-work rooms, emanating from the working conditions’ specifics.

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