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Work Equipment

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Work Equipment

Work equipment is a machine, device, installation, means of transport, tool or any other object used for working. The use of a work equipment may not harm health nor working and living environment. Use denotes working with it, it’s starting, stopping, transport, moving, installing, mending, programming, maintenance and cleaning.

Most occupational accidents involving work equipment occur with contact with its’ dangerously moving part; for example, cuts with saw blade, mill blade, and fingers bruised by cogwheels. Contact with all dangerously moving parts of the tool must be avoided. Therefore, guardrails and guardrail blocks are used, which stops the dangerously moving part when the guardrail is removed. Any employee’s access to the hazard zone must be hindered. It is certainly prohibited to remove or dismantle guardrails or automatic obstructions. Prior to using the work equipment, the employee must be trained and instructed regarding the safe working techniques.

Safety instruction must involve:

  1. information about hazards and emergency situations that accompany      or may accompany the use of the work equipment, and user experiences;
  2. measures that must be applied to guarantee the safety of the user      and other people allowed into the working environment;
  3. information about the most hazardous work equipment at the      workplace or in the vicinity;
  4. data about any changes in the work environment that increase the      hazard of a work equipment used by the employee, or which is in the      vicinity;
  5. instructions on what to do in emergency situations.

The stopped work equipment must be possible to maintain. If stopping is impossible, apply required protective measures and use such aids that guarantee safe maintenance work, preferably outside the hazard zone.

The employee must use the tools purposefully, abstain from unauthorized disconnection, alteration or removal of the safety devices installed on the work equipment, and to use them purposefully. The employer must be notified of each breakdown and defect that has occurred during the use of the work equipment.

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