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Notifying the Employee of Working Conditions

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Law does not prescribe any mandatory employment contract conditions. The contract is seen as concluded if the employer and employee have reached an agreement in all important conditions. Important conditions are determined by the parties on mutual agreement and depending on the specific employment relationship.

As a general rule, the important conditions agreed in the employment contract are remuneration, working time, performed tasks, place of working, etc. Law prescribes conditions of which the employer must notify the employee prior to beginning work in writing. The employer must notify the employee about the conditions in the employment contract or some accompanying document. It is clear to distinguish conditions agreed by the parties and data that the employee was informed about.

For example, parties agree on remuneration but the employee is informed about an existing collective agreement. Conditions that the parties agree on can only be changed on mutual agreement. The employer must present, at the minimum, the following data to the employee in writing:

  • Name of the employer and employee;
  • Registry or personal identification codes; Place of residence or activity;
  • When the contract was concluded and when shall the employee start working;
  • Description of job tasks;
  • Remuneration payment time or salary day;
  • Working time;
  • Working place;
  • Vacation duration;
  • Notification deadlines for terminating the employment contract;
  • Work organization rules;
  • Valid collective agreement.

Data must be presented unambiguously. The employer may not phrase the data in a too complex and unclear way.

In certain cases, it could be useful to include certain terms or explanations in the employment contract to guarantee mutual understanding and avoid later disputes.

If data remains unclear, the employee must ask additional explanations from the employer. Usually, the employer presents data to the employee before beginning work. If the employer has not done so, the employee can request to see the data at any time and the employer is obliged to present the data in two weeks starting from the request, at the latest.

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