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HIV-Positive Colleague

Viimati uuendatud: 08.09.2020

We have all heard different horror stories about the HI-virus. Often, these could turn out to be a myth. The same myths could be the reason why 39% of Estonian citizens are not willing to work in the same collective with an HI-virus carrier.

Is It Safe to Work Together with an HI-Virus Carrier?

YES! HIV is a chronic virus that breaks the human’s immune system. HIV can be controlled and have a normal life. HIV does not spread through daily contacts like handshakes, using the same dishes, or sitting next to an HIV-positive person. HIV does not also spread in the toilet, sauna, or pool.

HIV is thoroughly researched and found that HIV does not spread from HIV-positive employees to colleagues, customers or consumers (also not in catering facilities). Thus, people with HIV can safely work at catering companies and medical institutions. HIV infects only via direct blood contact, unprotected sexual intercourse, and during pregnancy and childbirth from mother to child – not in daily professional contacts.

It is important to remember that an HIV-positive person can live a healthy and productive life and that it is not possible to decide by looking whether someone has HIV or not. At the workplace, everyone can help to a supportive, caring, and non-discriminating atmosphere – and this is important at all times, regardless if someone has HIV or not.

Source: Healthy Estonia Foundation

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