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Protection of Rights

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For counselling or getting an overview of possibilities how to protect one’s rights, it is possible to contact the gender equality and equal treatment commissioner via email or over the phone 6269 259.

The gender equality and equal treatment commissioner is an independent and impartial expert who observes the compliance to the Gender Equality Act and Equal Treatment Act. Anyone can turn to the commissioner who suspect that they have been discriminated based on their gender, nationality, age, disability, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, religion, or belonging to a trade union, and the commissioner will consult and help people in filing discrimination complaints. In addition, the commissioner analyses how do legal acts influence the status of men, women, and minority groups in a society, and makes proposals to the Government, governmental institutions, and local governments to amend legal acts.

Disputes are resolved in:

  • Court (incl. damage compensation claim);
  • Labour dispute committee (incl. damage compensation claim);
  • Chancellor of Justice conciliation procedure.

The shared burden of proof applies both in court and the labour dispute committee.

The victim is entitled to file the damage reimbursement claim in one year after learning that their rights have been violated.

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