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Business Trips

Viimati uuendatud: 24.02.2017

The employer has a one-sided right to send the employee on a business trip (ECA §21 s 1).

The employee must fulfil their work tasks at the employer’s location that is the most connected with the employment relationship (location of the company’s directing body), if the place of working has not been agreed. Usually, the workplace is agreed.

The Employment Contracts Act defines that the employee is on a business trip if the employer sends them to carry out work tasks in a location other than the regular workplace, either domestically (within Estonia) or internationally.

For example, if the employment contract marks the workplace as a foreign country (e.g. Finland, Norway), where the work is constant, then the time spent in that foreign country is not considered as a business trip.

If the position requires business travel, the employee should be notified at employment. It is also reasonable to agree between the parties whether and how the business trip time is remunerated for as the ECA does not define it as working time (thus, payable). However, if such travel occurs during agreed working time, it could be assumed that it handles fulfilling a work order given by the employer, and the agreed remuneration must be paid.

On mutual agreement, an employee can be sent on a business trip for a longer period. In this case, the employee must also be notified about the conditions:

If the employer and employee agree that the employee works in another country longer than 1 month under Estonian legislation, the employer must notify the employee about the following, before departure (ECA §6 s 8):

  •  Duration of working abroad;
  • Remuneration payment currency;
  • Benefits related to working abroad that the employer enables to the employee;
  • Conditions for returning home.


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