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Remuneration Payment

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The employer obliges to pay remuneration to the employee at least once a month, on the agreed date. Parties can agree on a more frequent remuneration payment (e.g. on a weekly basis). The employee must be notified of the remuneration date in writing and it must also be included in the contract for employment.

Remuneration must be paid out in money and in the net amount. The employer shall deduct payments and taxes (income tax, social tax, unemployment insurance premium and mandatory funded pension payment) from the agreed remuneration amount. Legislation expects that the salary is transferred to the employee’s bank account, but parties can also agree on cash payment. If the employee wishes to get their salary in cash, it is suggested to determine the location where the cash payment will take place.

At the employee’s request, the employer must present a notice containing data of remuneration calculated and paid (or to be paid) to the employee.

If the remuneration day is a public holiday or falls on the weekend, remuneration must be paid on the previous workday. For instance, if the remuneration day is a Sunday, the remuneration must be paid out on the previous Friday.

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