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Collective Agreement Extension

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

The Collective Agreements Acts gives the parties the opportunity to extend the concluded agreement to employers (and their employees) who do not belong to the employers’ union who is a party to the collective agreement. It is only possible to extend a collective agreement concluded between the unions of employers and trade unions or central association. An agreement concluded between one employer and the trade union cannot be extended.

Only the conditions on remuneration, working time and resting time can be extended. This does not mean that the collective agreement itself could not contain also other agreements – they are only not extendable.

The extended conditions of the collective agreement are published in Ametlikud Teadaanded and take effect on the day following the publication. To date, the extended contracts have comprised the national minimum salary, and employees of the transport and health care sectors.

If the employer does not belong to the union of employers who concluded the extended contract, it must not apply the extended conditions when the collective agreement validity ends.


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