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Framework Agreements

Viimati uuendatud: 25.02.2017

Framework agreement is one of the agreement types concluded between social partners on the European Union level.

Articles 154 and 155 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union are the legal basis of framework agreements. There are two ways to enforce framework agreements:

  • European Union decision (in practice, a directive);
  • Via domestic social partners.

Depending on the scope of application, framework agreements can be divided into three:

  • Comprising the entire labour market;
  • Concerning one sector;
  • Cross-sectorial or involving two or more sectors.

To date, 7 framework agreements concerning the entire labour market have been concluded. These are:

  1. Agreement on parental leave, concluded on 14.12.1995 and enforced with the directive 96/34/EC;
  2. Agreement on part-time work, concluded on 06.06.1997 and enforced with the directive 97/81/EC;
  3. Agreement on fixed-term employment contracts, concluded on 18.03.1999 and enforced with the directive 99/70/EC;
  4. Agreement on telework, concluded on 16.07.2002 and enforced via domestic social partners;
  5. 5. Agreement on work-related stress, concluded on 08.10.2004 and enforced via domestic social partners;
  6.  Agreement on workplace harassment and violence, concluded on 26.04.2007 and enforced via domestic social partners;
  7.  New agreement on parental leave, concluded on 18.06.2009 and will likely be enforced with the directive, like its’ predecessor.

The first cross-sectorial agreement was concluded on 25.04.2006 and it concerns the protection of employees’ health through the proper handling and use of crystalline silicone dioxide and products containing it, which will be enforced via domestic social partners.

All framework agreements comprising the entire labour market and the first cross-sectorial agreement is translated and published as Estonian and English parallel texts in the collection, electronically available here.

For a better application of framework agreements enforced via social partners, the interpretation guidelines and other assisting materials have been compiled:

  • Agreement on telework;
  • Agreement on work-related stress;
  • Agreement on harassment and violence at work;
  • Agreement on silica.

Information on the application of framework agreements that have not been taken over to the Estonian law with a directive can be asked in Estonia from the Estonian Trade Union Confederation and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.

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