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Supplementary Overtime

Viimati uuendatud: 20.02.2017

Employer and employee can agree in working overtime. Overtime with regular working time may not exceed 48 hours per the 7-day period during a 4-month calculation period, unless a different calculation period is prescribed by law.

Employer and employee can agree in supplementary overtime. During a 4-month calculation period, the absolute working time together with the overtime work may not exceed 52 hours per the 7-day period.

This limitation may not be breached even when the employee is willing to work more. In a situation when parties have agreed in supplementary overtime, its’ safety to the employee’s health must be considered. The employee can refuse supplementary overtime if this is hazardous to their health, the employer does not fulfil occupational safety and health care requirements, or does not follow the working time limitations.

Employee is allowed to cancel the agreement to work 52 hours during a 7-day period at any time without having to mention the reason, notifying the employer two weeks in advance. The employer is obliged to have a separate calculation for overtime employees. If this is not done, the labour inspector can initiate a misdemeanour procedure against the employer and punish them with a monetary fine.


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