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Family-Friendly Employer Label

Viimati uuendatud: 19.12.2019

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Estonia has expressed recognition and support to employers who value and implement best practices combining work and family life, creating a working environment and organizational culture that helps to balance work-life and family. 

In addition, it helps to draw public attention to the need to support family-friendly approach in organizations and it gives an opportunity to acknowledge organizations who take steps to create family-friendly workplace culture.

Why is it important to be a family-oriented employer?

In most organizations, the combination of work, family and private life automatically means creating more flexible conditions for workers with small children, but these matters can be equally significant for other workers. For example, more support from the employer may be needed by employees who have elderly relatives in their care or a student who is both studying and working.

Family-friendly measures result in:

  • Less stress at workplace and at home
  • Less employee burnout
  • Reduced staff turnover 
  • Decreased number of days of absence due to illness
  • Decreased number of accidents at work
  • Decreased inequality
  • Improved quality of life of employees and their families
  • Increased productivity among employees
  • Increased cooperation between management and employees
  • Increase in employer's reputation and competitiveness on the job market.

According to studies, especially positive effect from the successful combination of work and family life is experienced by employers who need labor with specific skills. 

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