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First Aid Giver

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First Aid Giver

When organizing first aid, the employer must carefully think through all necessary steps because a person’s life and subsequent health could depend on the timely and skilful first aid. Help must be available in all work-related circumstances and the manager of the company must try to organize it so that everything possible is done to keep the injured alive until the paramedics arrive.

The employer appoints employees responsible for providing first aid. Their amount depends on the company’s size and number of structural units. The employer organizes training for the first aid giver. If the company is located in several locations, has many structural units or the work is done in shifts, at least one person competent in giving first aid must be present in each structural unit or shift. The question – how many first aid givers must a company have – is not easy to answer. The employer must decide it based on the company specifics, working conditions and the number of employees. It is important to follow the principle: at any point of time, in each work-related circumstance, it must be guaranteed that a person competent in giving first aid is accessible. When determining the number of first aid givers, it should be considered that the accident could happen to the person capable of giving first aid. In addition, it should be kept in mind that the first aid giver could be on vacation, sick leave, or absent for some other reason.

The first aid giver must be an employee who has received adequate training. The content of the training is specified in the regulation No. 80 "The order of occupational health care and occupational safety training and refresher courses" issued by the Minister of Social Affairs. The employer must organize training for the person chosen as the first air provider during one month starting from their appointment. The initial first aid provision training must be at least 16 hours. In every three years, the first aid giver must be sent to follow-up trainings.

Data about employees who are capable of providing first aid must be visible. The employer should also notify the employees through additional means (meetings, company intranet). If the first aid givers in the company change, the corresponding information must reach the employees. It is crucial that, in the case of emergency situations requiring fast actions, all employees would know whom to turn to for getting first aid.

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