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Internal Control

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Internal Control

Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges the employer to perform a systematic working environment internal control during which it plans, organizes and follows the company’s occupational health and safety situation according to legal requirements. The internal control of the working environment is an inseparable part of the company activities; it involves the employees and is based on the working environment risk assessment results.

In essence, internal control consists of all the company’s daily activities and work documents connected with the organization of occupational health and safety according to the set requirements (both legal and company-internal requirements are important): job descriptions, employees’ instruction and training, supplementing the risk analysis, sticking to the working environment action plan, reporting risk situations, proper maintenance of devices, etc.

To ascertain that all activities go as planned, the internal control is audited once a year – in the cooperation of the employer and employees (their representatives), all applicant legal and company-internal requirements are reviewed, the activities’ compliance with requirements checked, and changes in important work environment characteristics (like the number of occupational accidents or the number of sickness days per employee) reviewed. There are no strict rules on the internal control methodology; the employer will choose the suitable approach in cooperation with employees or their representatives.

Special attention must also be paid to the surrounding population and bystanders – whether the company activities do not put them in danger nor unfavoured situations.

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