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Conducting the Internal Control

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Conducting the Internal Control

The internal control should abide by the employer’s responsibilities as determined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The employer must be capable to answer whether the legal requirement has been fulfilled, the prescribed activities organized and how everything functions in the company in reality. Depending on the company or institution specifics’, not all legal requirements might be mandatory; for example, the use of personal protective equipment might not be mandatory if the company does not handle hazardous chemicals.

For conducting the internal control it is necessary to determine who must perform which internal control activities and when, and it is recommended to fix this in writing. In this manner, all connected parties are aware of their obligations at managing the company’s working environment.

The internal control results should be documented. This way, it is easier to determine the persons responsible for certain tasks and track the fulfilment of activities.

We recommend to use the internal control questionnaire, available here (pdf, 100 KiB).

Before beginning the internal control it should be checked which legal acts the company is obliged to follow (here, it is sensible to emanate from the employer’s responsibilities stated in § 13 subsection 1 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act). It is useful to compile a list of the legal acts regulating occupational safety and health concerning the demands on the company’s field of activity.

As a unified template does not exist nor has been suggested for such documents, the format is up to the internal control system creator to decide. The content of the document is more important than the format.

Next, it must be ascertained which company-internal regulations or documents actually guarantee the fulfilment of legal requirements (e.g. procedure of training employees, order of providing first aid, etc.). If a regulation has not been enforced or compiled in the company to follow a certain requirement, then this must be done.

Emanating from the previously mentioned parties, the second step should be to determine the person(s) responsible for different activities like compiling and amending (if required) the risk assessment, following the action plan, monitoring the daily safety, instructing employees, choosing and distributing personal protective equipment, first aid organisation, tracking the health check need and organization.

Lastly, a ruleset should be established on how is the yearly internal control audit, which checks the system performance, carried out and who is responsible for it.

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