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Risk Assessment (Risk Evaluation and Supervision)

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Risk Assessment (Risk Evaluation and Supervision)

Risk assessment is an activity when the employer determines, evaluates and checks the working environment hazards that could endanger the employees at the workplace.

The general principle should be that the hazardous factors are discovered before they have any effect because influencing the risk factors is successful only then when we are aware of their existence and reasons.

Risk assessment evaluation gives an overview whether all is like it should: working conditions are not only important in regard to the employee’s health, but also affect their ability to work and the company’s work results. It is clear that if one or several factors disturb the employee (noise, draught, lack of a resting room, etc.) or if the working order has malfunctions (broken tools, extra tasks, etc.), then the employee cannot work with the best efficiency. But if the employee sees and feels that they are cared about, it mostly helps to increase the employee’s motivation and thereby improve the company results.

There is no unified methodology for the working environment risk assessment. On the one hand, the person carrying out the risk assessment is free to use the suitable, handy and feasible methods. On the other hand, such freedom leaves too much space for the subjective opinion, the possibility to apply unsuitable methods, and the desired result will not be achieved.

When assessing risks, the possible effect of the working conditions on the employees’ health is considered. By knowing to which extent and how the workplace factors influence the employee’s health, the opportunity arises to create a health saving workplace favouring productive work. When carrying out the risk analysis it must be considered that the process is consistent. After applying the preventive measures it must be evaluated whether they are sufficient enough; and the workplace itself can also change: people and technologies change, devices and buildings age, which creates several new hazards for the safe working environment.

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