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Formulating the Risk Assessment Evaluation

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Formulating the Risk Assessment Evaluation

The risk assessment document is formulated in writing and stored for 55 years. The duration might seem surprising, but when we become smarter tomorrow it might be necessary to look back at the past. The only way to be able to do this is a well-documented working environment that might prove to be necessary for the employers, employees, but also to the supervision officials, scientists, doctors or the court system.

A thorough risk assessment both finds the problem and describes its’ possible consequences. Thus, if there are no biologic, chemical or other factors, these must not be included as separate evaluations. But it is worth to mention that these factors were considered. Hints to the possible hazards should already exist in the introduction where it is reasonable to give an overview of the company activities. For instance: the company is a bakery employing bakers, confectioners, an accountant, etc. This overview already indicates that the company does not have any contact with explosive chemicals or ionizing radiation.

It often happens that all hazards are written into the assessments table and then evaluated to the minimum. Such a methodology unreasonably extends the risk assessment summary and creates a situation where the person carrying out the assessment could tire before reaching the actual problems.

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