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General Risk Alleviation Principles

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General Risk Alleviation Principles

Once the work-related risks have been assessed, the logical next step is to compile an action plan for eliminating the biggest problems. The action plan is a reminder primarily to company managers that everything planned must be implemented and on time. It is understandable that not all factors can be eliminated from the workplace at once – to achieve this, work should be stopped and the company closed. When planning the activities, keep the following principles in mind:

  • Avoid temporary solutions. These tend to be insufficient and last longer than originally planned. In principle, also the use of personal protective equipment is treated as a temporary solution. There are very little works where technology does not enable 100% safe conditions also without any personal protective equipment.
  • Prefer solutions that benefit the most number of employees. For example, instead of buying a workplace lamp for one employee, improve the lighting of the entire room.
  • Factors causing more serious health damage should be alleviated first. For example, if the moving parts of some mechanism are without a protective cover and the workplace has poor lighting condition, installing a protective cover should have a higher priority (but the lighting should be eventually fixed as well).
  • The action plan must consider realistic opportunities – thus, more      expensive activities should be planned for a period where having the funds is realistic. First, the most urgent topics must be dealt with. However, unhealthy working conditions cannot be excused with the lack of funds. Work must be done in a way that all employees preserve their good health.

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