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How to Conduct the Risk Assessment?

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How to Conduct the Risk Assessment?

First, it is necessary to determine all hazards – regardless of how irrelevant they might seem. Some risks could be relevant for the entire organization while others appear only in certain work sections. Therefore, it is reasonable to assess hazards separately on each workplace.

To get an objective overview of workplace hazards, the first step is to describe the working conditions. Descriptions must be detailed enough so that a person who has never seen the workplace could get a clear picture of the condition. Description “The workplace is a regular metal workshop” is not sufficient. The assessment should describe the rooms’ layout, size, placement of workplaces, lighting and internal climate conditions, tools and other devices, tasks, the general organization of work, and the resting and washing possibilities. The examination can be carried out using the examination protocol (doc, 31 KiB), containing the list of hazards and evaluation scale.

Working conditions can be visualized by taking photos of the workplaces and activities. Using digital photos facilitates documenting and clarifying, which makes it reasonable to use for describing the workplace.

Quite a lot of information can be received from questioning the employees with the aim to hear their opinion on the working conditions and sensed problems. Even though the employees might be so used to their workplace conditions that they do not see hazards as likely, a well-prepared questionnaire helps them re-consider work-related problems, which could be a good opportunity to raise the awareness of some employees about their working environment and risk decreasing possibilities.

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