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Working Environment Specialist

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Working Environment Specialist

Regardless of the size, each company must appoint a working environment specialist. The task of the working environment specialist is to organize the company’s occupational health and safety activities according to the legal requirements – for example, conduct the risk assessment or choose the working environment representatives.

Large companies usually employ one or several full-time working environment specialists; in small companies it is sufficient if one employee also takes up the tasks of the working environment specialist in addition to their regular work tasks. The employee can fulfil the role of the working environment specialist also themselves, or use an external service provider. Who carries out the working environment specialist tasks or how many specialists the company needs is up to the employer to decide. The number of specialists must be sufficient to organize a safe working environment, considering the size of the company and the hazardousness of the working environment.

The employer notifies the Labour Inspectorate in 10 days about the appointment of the working environment specialist. The easiest is to email the labour inspector or the Labour Inspectorate’s general email a notice containing the company data, the name of the appointed specialist, their position, contact data, and the date of appointment.

Even when a working environment specialist has been appointed from among the employees, the employer is still responsible for guaranteeing the safe working environment.

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