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Consent to Conclude an Employment Contract with a Minor

To conclude an employment contract with a minor, the employer must ask the minor’s and their parent’s consent. The parent may give their consent both in writing and orally, it is also allowed to give consent in retrospect, after the minor has already begun working.

A minor who is obliged to attend school may work both during school times and during holidays, if the legal limitations are adhered to. The parent may not give their consent if the minor works for more than half of each school holiday. Each school holiday stands for summer, autumn, winter and spring break.

To conclude an employment contract with a 7-14-year-old minor, the employer must also ask the labour inspector’s consent. In the application, the employer presents data about the minor’s working conditions, including the place of working, work responsibilities, age and school duty. If the labour inspector has a founded suspicion about the wish of a 7-12-year-old to work, they could include a child protection official to solve the case. In a situation where the labour inspector has not given their consent for concluding an employment contract with a minor, the employer does not have a right to employ the minor and the concluded contract is null and void.

In addition, when employing a minor it should be considered that different distinctions apply to the minor when working (e.g. working and resting times, regarding business trips, etc.).

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