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Prolonging the Fixed-Term Contract and Consecutive Conclusion

Legal limitations apply for the fixed-term contract regarding its’ consecutive conclusion and prolonging.

When concluding a fixed-term employment contract it is important to remember when one of the following circumstances occurs:

The fixed-term contract has been concluded consecutively for more than twice for identical work. Fixed-term contracts have been followed consecutively if the time after the end of one and before the beginning of another contract does not exceed 2 months. Identical work is work that is identical to work made under the previous contract and work, where the work tasks are similar to those of the previous work.

Fixed-term employment contract has been prolonged more than once in 5 years.

In employment lease relationships, the consecutive conclusion or prolonging limitation of a fixed-term contract applies separately for each leasing company, meaning that the limitation must be followed if the lease work is made under consecutive fixed-term contracts at the same leasing company.

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