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Notifying the Employee about Working Conditions on Special Cases

The Employment Contracts Act obliges the employer to inform the employee in writing about conditions that each contract does not include.

Such agreements are:

  • Trial period other than that stipulated by law;
  • Concluding a fixed-term employment contract;
  • Essence of the competition limitation or confidentiality liability;
  • Working remotely;
  • Temporary agency work;
  • Applying summed up working time calculation;
  • Reimbursement for costs;
  • Working conditions if the employee works in a foreign country for a prolonged time period.

If the employer and employee have not agreed on these aspects in writing, it is assumed that corresponding agreements have not been concluded and such obligations do not exist. For instance, if the employer says that parties have concluded a fixed-term employment contract, they must have a corresponding agreement to prove it, stating the duration of and reason for concluding the fixed-term contract.

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