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Equal Treatment

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Equal Treatment Act (ETA) entered into force on January 1st, 2009.

The act aims to:

  • Prohibit discrimination based on nationality (ethnic origin), race, skin colour, religious beliefs, opinions, age, disability, and sexual orientation;
  • Establish the equal treatment principle promotion obligation (the desire for the organization’s staff to reflect the variety of the society);
  • Guarantee legal protection to the discriminated.

Employer as the Introducer and Promoter of the Equal Treatment Principle:

  • Must adopt measures to prevent the discrimination of employees;
  • Informs the employees about rights and responsibilities stipulated by the ETA.

Examples About Discrimination:

  • A man is not allowed to enter a bar as he is black.
  • Job ad specifies the age (range) of the employees hired.
  • A kindergarten discharges a teacher for being a Jehovah’s witness.
  • The employer does not apply measures that would enable a disabled employee to participate at working or to receive a training.
  • A female teacher is told that if they wish to keep their position at school, they should not walk hand-in-hand with their man on the street.

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