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Trial Day

Viimati uuendatud: 03.07.2017

People are sometimes offered the possibility to try working, or come on board as a volunteer for some time. The employer adds that if all goes well and the employee copes, they will be paid money and conclude a contract lateron. Such an offer is actually illegal. Legislation stipulates a trial period to test the employee’s suitability.

Fulfilling specific tasks (e.g. serving customers at the checkout, shelving goods at a store) is actually working, and this is only done for remuneration. The employer is not entitled to demand working for free on trial day. The employer is only freed from paying if the trial day is for the employee to observe the future workplace and no work is actually done.

According to law, trial work is a service offered by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund which lasts for one day. Trial work enables the employee to test working on spot, and for the employer to get confirmation prior to concluding the employment contract that the applicant is suitable for the position. This presupposes that the person is looking for a job through the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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