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Health Day

Viimati uuendatud: 20.02.2017

Health day is a paid day off work without a sick leave. The Health Insurance Act valid until 2002 enabled 3 health days per year to employees. Health days are asked about also today, but the currently valid legislation does not contain any health days.

Health days should not be confused with the legally stipulated sick leave, the first three days of which are unrewarded, 4th – 8th day of which is remunerated by the employer (70% of the salary) and from 9th day onwards by the Health Insurance Fund (70% of the salary).

Enabling health days is one way how to motivate employees. Usually, the right for health days emanates from the work organization rules established by the employer. The rules should also contain how many health days are allowed, how are these compensated for, will a health day expire, how to notify about using it, etc.

Thus, a health day is similar to weddings or September 1st when the employer does not have a legal obligation to give a free day, but which can be regulated in the internal work organization rules.

If the company does not have such benefits, free time is given according to legislation. The employer is obliged to give a reasonable amount of free time to the employee, and also to compensate for it in a reasonable extent. Thus, the employee can visit a doctor (with kid) during the workday or take care of other urgent matters. The employer is obliged to give time off to a pregnant employee for regular check-ups by the midwife. Reasonable time use means that the employee cannot work for a short period of time due to personal reasons (such as a doctor’s appointment).

If the employee cannot work due to personal reasons more than reasonable, the employer is entitled to decrease remuneration. For example, if the employee must daily attend medical procedures that last for several hours. In this case, it is justified that the employer and employee agree on a temporarily shorter working time, or change the work tasks and remuneration.

Therefore, all offered possibilities are worth discussing before concluding the employment contract – maybe health days and a family-friendly company is the most important to the employee.

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