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Mandatoriness and Availability of Work Organization Rules

Viimati uuendatud: 20.02.2017

No organization lacks work organization. A different matter is whether the work organization rules are written down or involve an old tradition that all employees follow and that a new employee learns during working and communicating with other employees.

Employment Contracts Act mentions that employee is informed about work organization rules. It is sufficient if the employment contract refers to the location or source of the documents (e.g. a document related to work organization is available in Intranet, or in the employees’ restroom, or on notice board). In reality, work organization rules are often available at the company’s secretary, administrative assistant or other employee engaged in documentation management; or in the company-internal computer network.

In the eyes of the legislator it is important that the employee knows which rules apply at the employer’s company and how and where can these be acquainted with. Imposing work organization rules and notifying the employees is a legal responsibility and each tradition of the company should be communicated to the employee in a written and reproducible form. The Employment Contracts Act §5 s 1 ss 11 and §28 s 2 ss 7 state that the employer must inform the employee in writing both before and during the employment about the imposed work organization rules.

Employment Contracts Act does not relate the imposing of work organization rules to the number of employees. Each employed person must be informed about the work organization rules.

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