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Working Time of a Minor

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Working time rules applicant for a minor are stricter than those for adult employees.

A minor who is obliged to attend school may not:

  • Work longer than allowed for his or her age per day;
  • Work overtime;
  • Work immediately before the start of the school day;
  • Work more than half the time of his or her school holiday;
  • Work between 20:00–06:00.

Due to the need to protect the health of minors and to give them sufficient time to acquire education, a shorter allowed working time has been set for minors who are compulsory to attend school. Depending on the age, minors may work 2-8 hours per day.

Depending on the age, the maximum working time allowed for minors is as follows:

Allowed working time per day Allowed working time per week Allowed working time per 24h
7-12-year-old 2 hours during school time; 3 hours during the holidays 12 hours during school time; 15 hours during the holidays 22 hours during school time, 20 hours during the holidays
13-14-year old and anyone older still obliged to attend school 2 hours (3 hours if it is an easy job)* during school time; 7 hours during the holidays 12 hours during school time; 35 hours during the holidays 21 hourds during school time; 15 hours during the holidays
15-17-year-old not obliged to attend school 8 40 14
Exception: a 14-year-old at an internship 7 35 15
Exception: a 15-17-year-old at an internship 8 40 14

*in case of an easy job in culture, arts, sports or advertising

NB! An agreement, where a minor is not provided at least 30 minutes of rest after 4,5 hours of working, is null and void. The resting time is not included in the working time.

When using the totalled working time calculation for a minor, the working time calculation may not exceed the aforementioned limitations. For instance, a 12-year-old may work 3 hours on three days per week and 2 hours on one day. Their working time may not exceed 3 hours per day and 15 hours per week.

A minor may not work directly before the start of their school day. A minor may also not work during 20:00-06:00. Law makes an exception if the minor does creative work under the supervision of an adult in culture, arts, sports or advertising and during 20:00-24:00. For instance, an 8-year-old may participate in an advertisement campaign, have a role in a play or take part in different cultural projects.

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