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New Employee Instruction and Training

The new employee is a lawful member of the collective like all others, starting from day one, but with one exception – they need a lot more counselling.

To avoid the contradiction where one party of the employment relationship finds that the instruction was suffi cient, yet the other party has not acquired all required activities, the training should be objectively reviewed.

What is the new employee’s instruction and training system like? Often it is considered as sufficient if the employee is given a heap of manuals and asked to read them all, then directed to the workplace and actual work can begin. If the company uses standard instructions that the employer has printed out and confi rmed, and which do not reflect the working environment or instruments of the specifi c company, the instruction is completely formal and the new employee does not get any actual knowledge on how to work in this company. Using standard manuals is nothing bad, but they should be reviewed and adapted to the company’s working environment and used instruments prior to use.

When investigating an accident or occupational disease it can often be concluded that despite well-written manuals, the employees know practically nothing about the content.

Thus, it is important that after reading the manuals, the new employee is questioned to make sure they have understood everything. The complete system of training and instructing a new employee consists of introductory introduction, primary instruction and training.

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