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Tips for Training a New Employee

Viimati uuendatud: 22.02.2017

When training the new employee, the mentor must keep the following in mind:

  • The new employee may not be taught the easiest way, but the correct way, so the employee’s activities avoid possible occupational accidents or work-related illnesses;
  • A personal example is important for the new employee to learn work safety, to use required personal protective equipment, etc.;
  • Safety culture is an inseparable part of daily activities;
  • The mentor should give feedback to the trained employee about their work;
  • The employee must be notifi ed about which possible hazard signals must be paid attention to while working, how to react, which hazards may be eliminated by the employee and which certainly require calling for help;
  • The employee must be informed about what the possible emergency situations and rules for registering them are.

At the end of the training the employee should be notifi ed of which colleague to turn to in the case of further questions. Whether it will be the mentor or someone else is a matter of consideration.

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