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Suitability of the Workplace, Instruments, and Personal Protective Equipment

Viimati uuendatud: 15.10.2019

The arrival of the new employee might be connected with some other employee leaving, but merely giving all the equipment and workplace of the previous employee to the new one is not suffi cient. Each person is different.

  1. The workplace must be shaped as suitable for the new employee, taking into account their height, whether they are left or right-handed, the necessity to adjust the seat, etc. The individual suitability of the workplace is crucial. It must be stressed to the employee that only he himself can shape the most suitable workplace – but it must fi rst be taught to the employee, of course. As an alternative option, the best solution could be found in cooperation with the mentor, working environment specialist or representative.
  2. When choosing instruments, the characteristics of the new employee must be taken into consideration and fi ne-tuned to fi t the needs. If the instrument has work modes of different speeds, the slower version should be applied at fi rst. The employer’s support is crucial here to stress that quality and learning the correct work methods is more important than quantity. When work is clear, the speed can be increased.
  3. Working clothes must fi t perfectly: too large or tight clothes could trigger an occupational accident. Also, it is insulting to the employee if you give them someone’s old and dirty clothes to wear.
  4. Personal protective equipment must be suitable for the specifi c employee. The fact that something fi tted the previous employee is irrelevant. The newcomer must not adapt to unsuitable equipment. If used personal protective equipment is provided to the newcomer, it must be checked, maintained and it must be clean. From the employee’s perspective it would be best to get brand new personal protective equipment. When issuing the personal protective equipment, it must be verifi ed that it is suitable for the user and the specifi c working conditions, corresponds fully to the protective need, does not pose extra stress, hinder the effects of eye or hearing protection, complies with ergonomic requirements and is suitable for the employee’s health condition.

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