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Business Trip

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A person connected with family responsibilities wants to know during the job interview if and how often business trips are planned to avoid later quarrels. The ECA § 21 also gives the employer the right to send the employee to fulfil their work tasks elsewhere than the location specified in the employment contract, but, without a separate agreement, not for more than 30 consecutive days.

An employee who is pregnant, or a parent of a kid younger than 3 or with a disability may be sent on a business trip only if the employee consents.

The employee is entitled to ask for compensation for the costs related to the business travel. The exact procedure is provided in procedure No. 110, “Procedure for the payment of compensation for the expenses related to business trips and the minimum daily allowance rate, payment conditions and order for assignments abroad” by the Government of the Republic (June 25th, 2009).

Daily allowance is paid only for assignments abroad. The minimum daily allowance is 22.37 euros. The tax-free allowance limit of the fi rst 15 calendar days is up to 50 euros and up to 32 euros on the following days. The employer may pay a higher daily allowance, but in this case, the employer must also pay the special concession tax. The employer can decrease the daily allowance by up to 70 percent, if the employee is guaranteed free meals.

Prior to the business trip, the employee is entitled to ask for an advance payment to cover possible expenses and if the employer has not made the payment, can refuse the business trip.

It must be noted that if the employee cannot verify that they agreed a higher amount with the employer than the minimum daily allowance, all disputes are solved emanating from the minimum rate. All receipts verifying the founded expenses made during the business trip must be kept and presented to the employer for reimbursement.

Even an army marches on its stomach. Must the employer reimburse the employee’s expenses on lunch and dinner made during the business trip? If the parties have agreed on it, then why not. But it is a special concession and the employer must pay the corresponding tax.

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