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Fixed-Term Employment Contract

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

It is presumed that the employment relationship is unlimited. ECA § 9 and 10 regulate the conclusion of the fixed-term employment contract, connecting it mostly with seasonal work or temporarily increased work volume. The reason must be specified in the contract.

A fixed-term employment contract may be concluded for up to fi ve years, the deadline determined either with a date or a certain event.

With a special act, circumstances independent of the work volume may be foreseen, in which case the employer is obliged to conclude a fixed-term employment contract.

A fixed-term employment contract may also be concluded for replacing an employee who is temporarily away, until their return. For instance, for replacing an employee on maternity leave, or in case of a long-term illness.

Year in and year out, the activities of labour force mediation companies are expanding. Employees wish to know whether being hired as rented personnel is sufficient grounds for concluding a fixed-term contract. Actually, concluding a fixed-term employment contract with a rented employee is legal only if the job in the lending company is temporary in nature.



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