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Vacation Schedule

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The employer must compile and disclose the vacation schedule for the current year by the end of March (ECA § 69). The employer determines the time of the annual vacation, taking into account the employee’s wishes, if at all compatible with the company’s interests.

For example, the employer must not grant a vacation to the employee during the busiest months of the year.

However, the employer must consider that the ECA § 69 section 7 lists people who must be able to have a vacation at the requested time due to family reasons or special cases.

The employer must grant a vacation at the times requested by the employee in the following cases:

  • to a woman directly before or after maternity leave, or after parental leave;
  • to a man during their partner’s maternity leave, or after parental leave;
  • to a parent raising a child younger than 7;
  • to a parent on the child’s school holiday, if the child is 7 to 10 years old;
  • to a minor, compulsory to attend school, on the school holiday.

The work organisation rules should state when and how employees must notify the employer about their vacation wishes. If the employer has not disclosed the schedule by the specified time or if the employee wishes to have an additional vacation, the employer must be notified at least 14 calendar days in advance.

The vacation schedule must be compiled by the end of March, each calendar year. If the employee wishes to use the vacation during a period when the schedule has not been disclosed yet, the employee must come to an agreement with the employer. ECA § 68 section 5 states that annual vacation can be divided into parts, if the parties agree. This means that if the employee or the employer wants a part of the vacation to be shorter than 28 calendar days (exceptions regarding the vacation length provided in ECA § 56-58), it can be agreed upon in the vacation schedule.

In the first calendar year, the new employee is entitled to a vacation after working 6 months. The length of the vacation must correlate with the length of employment.

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