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Which Contract Should Be Concluded for Working?

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

The Employment Contracts Act (hereinafter: ECA) presumes that all important conditions are agreed upon and the employment contract concluded in writing BEFORE beginning work. It is wrong to assume that the written employment contract is not mandatory the first two weeks.

According to the ECA, concluding an employment contract in writing is not mandatory if the employment relationship does not exceed two weeks.

Unfortunately, it is not rare that the employee begins to do the indicated work but has not received a written contract. The employer provides cagey answers when asked about signing the contract. In this situation, the employee should send an email to the employer, listing the most signifi cant agreements and demanding the written employment contract.

Starting from the receipt of such demand, the employer must inform the employee about the employment contract conditions in writing within two weeks. Sometimes, the employee might discover unfavourable agreements or conditions that were not discussed before.

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