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Working Time Schedule

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When concluding the employment contract, the employer and the employee agree on the working hours. It is legally stipulated that during a 7-day time period, a full-time employee is occupied for 40 hours and the length of the workday is 8 hours. If this is deviated from or the working time does not distribute evenly during the calculation period, the parties agree to apply a summed working time calculation instead, and agree on the length of the calculation period. In the case of summed up working time, the employer must notify the employee in writing when the work schedule for the following calculation period will be disclosed (ECA § 6 section 6).

Usually, all details about the working time management and schedule compilation are included in the company’s administrative rules.

What the employee must know about the working time schedule:

  • How long it is compiled for (for instance, the calculation period may be a quarter, but the working schedule is compiled for one month at a time);
  • How many days before the beginning of the calculation period (or month) it is prepared;
  • How it is disclosed (for example, attached on the notice board by the 25th date of the preceding month).

The employee has a right to familiarise themselves with the work schedule for a reasonable time period before the start of the new work period; learn when their working and free days are to be able to plan their personal lives. The time schedule must contain the beginning and ending times of the specifi c shifts, break for eating and other breaks within the workday.

Changing the already approved schedule during the month must be previously discussed and agreed with the employee. If the employer unilaterally changed the schedule during the active time period, without the employee’s consent, and forced the employee to come to work, it would make the compilation of the schedule quite pointless.

When changing the work schedule with mutual agreement, the employer must consider the resting time limitations and guarantee a daily, uninterrupted, 11-hour break between shifts and a 48-hour break each week.

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