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Concluding the Employment Contract

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

After you have come to an agreement with the employer on all conditions, it is time to write them down into the employment contract or to conclude the employment contract. The employment contract is the base document for your working, all your rights and responsibilities emanate from it. Therefore, considering the employer’s and your interests, it is quite reasonable if the employment contract is concluded before beginning the actual work or, at the latest, on the day of starting the employment.

Keep in mind that after signing the employment contract, the employer is obliged to give one copy of it to you. The demand to conclude the employment contract in writing primarily protects the employee and gives security that all conditions that were agreed on during the negotiations are also fixed in writing. Keep hold of the employment contract during the entire working time and, from time to time, check that the working conditions correspond to those agreed in the contract.

The employment contract is concluded after both parties have signed it. The employment contract could either be on paper or electronical – either way, it must bear the signatures of both parties.

NB! If you are 15-17-years old, then before concluding the employment contract you must express your wish to start working and your legal representatives (mother or father) must give their consent.

Starting from the moment when you start working, you are an employee and in addition to rights, you also have several responsibilities that you must adhere to. Primarily:

  • Work on the agreed time and at the agreed place;
  • Work according to instructions;
  • Abide by the workday start and end times set in the working time organization and use the lunch break and other stipulated interim breaks;
  • Fill the employer’s orders precisely and in due time;
  • Participate in work trainings;
  • Cooperate with other employees;
  • Immediately notify the employer about any work obstacles;
  • Don’t do anything that prohibits other employees from fulfilling their work tasks;´
  • Notify the employee as soon as possible if anything prohibits you from going to work (e.g. illness).

When fulfilling the responsibilities, the direct manager and colleagues are certainly of help. If a mentor has been assigned to you, they should be the first to conduct. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are not sure whether you are doing something right.

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