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Important Conditions of the Employment Contract

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

The current Employment Contracts Act enables the contract parties to shape an agreement suitable for their needs, taking the necessary requisites into consideration.

Before concluding the employment contract, important working conditions must be discussed. Take some time before meeting the employer and think about all the questions that you want to specify. Ask your family members or friends, who already work, for advice.

The employee usually leads the negotiations and presents their conditions that they want to agree on in the employment contract. As a rule, these are remuneration, workplace, working time and tasks. Other conditions that the parties see as important can also be agreed on in the employment contract. Employers have usually prepared an employment contract template containing the negotiable conditions. You have a right to familiarize yourself with it.

Contract conditions may not always be clearly phrased. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you don’t understand something.

Description of Work Tasks

The agreement creates obligations for both parties: the employer must offer the agreed work to the employee, and the employee has the obligation to perform the agreed work.

Work tasks express the work what the employee will be doing. This is sometimes also called the work function or line of duty.

Work tasks do not have to be described in detail in the employment contract. It is sufficient to mentioned that the employee starts to work as a salesclerk or a carpenter. The detailed list of work tasks can be included in the job description and attached to the employment contract as an appendix. It should be noted that the employee must also fulfil such tasks that the employment contract nor job description mention, but which emanate from the character of the job.


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