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Vacation is time off work to employees to restore the working ability and to prepare for the next working period. Vacation must certainly be used, even if you do not feel tired and are anxious to work. A well-planned and active vacation helps you to cope with the future work even better.

On the year when you start working, you can have a vacation after working for six months. In this case, you will not be able to use the entire vacation, but only half of it. When parties agree, you can have a vacation earlier. A minor who is compulsory to attend school is entitled to have a vacation during the school holiday.

All employees are entitled to at least 28 calendar days of vacation each year, regardless of the work they do or whether they are employed half-time or full-time. Notify your employer when you want to use the vacation – submit a vacation application at least 14 calendar days before the desired vacation start date.

NB! If you are a minor, your annual holiday period is 35 calendar days. If you were not yet an adult when you started work, but turn 18 during the calendar year, your annual holiday period will be 28 calendar days as of becoming an adult.

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