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Working Place

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

The working place or workplace is where you shall daily perform your work tasks. The working place determination largely depends on the nature of the work and the tasks. In pre-contractual negotiations, the working place agreement must be clear and unambiguous. It could determine whether the offered job is suitable for you. For the employee, it could be decisive whether work is done in one specific place, or an area suitable for the employee.

Parties must also agree whether work requires business trips. In general, employees can be sent on business trips without their consent. If the trip exceeds 30 days, it requires the employee’s agreement. Business trip is the temporary performing of work tasks outside the working place agreed in the employment contract.

NB! If you are 15-17-years old, then the employer can only send you on a business trips if you and your legal representative (mother or father) consent.

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