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YGSS for the youth

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What is the Youth Guarantee Support System and its purpose?

It is estimated that there are about 10,000 young people in Estonia, who do not study or work or otherwise participate in social life. In May 2018, local governments started using the Youth Guarantee Support System.

The Youth Guarantee Support System is a system designed specifically for young people to support young people not in education, employment or training get back to school or work. With the consent of the young person, a meeting will be organized and a plan for future activities will be jointly established.

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Who is a Case Manager and what is his or her job?

The Case Manager of the Youth Guarantee Support System, or the municipal or municipal government employee, supports and helps young people aged 16-26 who for any reason have been absent from the labor market or education. The Case Manager will contact such young people to identify together the goals that are important for the young person and to set out a youth-oriented plan to achieve these goals.  

How is the young person's individual plan achieved?

Step 1 - The Case Manager will contact the young person via e-mail or SMS and submit some questions through the questionnaire to which the young person can answer "I want help" or "I do not want help".

Step 2 - The Case Manager will call if the questionnaire has been answered with "I want help" or the questionnaire has not been answered at all.

Step 3 - The Case Manager will call the young person  and schedule a meeting for further discussion.

Step 4 - The Case Manager and the young person will meet at a time and place suitable for the young person. There will be a casual and open discussion about valuse in life and goals that are important for the young person. Based on the goals, an individual plan will be drawn up for the young person to help achieve these goals.

The Case Manager will instruct and keep up with the young person's activities. Together, the individual plan will be analyzed and, if necessary, changes will be made to goals or action steps. When the goals are achieved, the plan is concluded or a new plan is prepared according to the wishes of the young person.

How should you react when someone contacts you? (e-mail, SMS, etc.)? Why is it helpful to meet the Case Manager?

When contacting a young person, the Case Manager has only one desire - to provide support and help a young person when he or she needs it. For the young person it is definitely worth listening to a local government representative, as it can provide useful information on further education or job opportunities. Together, it is also possible to find solutions to obstacles in the young person's life. The first meeting does not require much effort, it is important to want to shape your own future, and the meeting could be the first step in that direction.

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