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Parental Leave and Monthly Extra Day Off for a Parent Raising a Child with Special Needs

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

A mother or a father is entitled to a parental leave each calendar year:

3 workdays if they have one or two children under 14; 6 workdays if they have at least three children under 14 or at least one child younger than 3.

In addition to the aforementioned, a mother or father of a child with special needs is entitled to get one additional workday off (with medium remuneration) each month until the child becomes 18. In the case there are multiple children with special needs in the family, parents get a day off per each child with special needs. Even though the monthly extra day of is meant for the parent to regularly engage in the child’s special needs, law does not prohibit agreements whereby the days off are accumulated or used up retrospectively.

The right for a parental leave also applies to a child’s guardian or person with whom the family has concluded a babysitting contract. This right does not exist if the parental rights have been removed from a person or if the child lives at a social welfare institution.

Only one parent has a right to use the parental leave simultaneously. The parental leave can be used entirely or in parts. For example, in a family with three children younger than 14, first the father uses three vacation days and then, the mother uses the remaining three days lateron. As the parental leave is given in the employee’s workdays, the workday of an employee is any day when the employee fulfils their work tasks, regardless of its’ length.

In the year when the child becomes 3, 14, and 18 years old, the parental leave is provided at any time, regardless of whether the birthday has already been or not.

From 01.01.2014, the parental leave is compensated for with the minimum salary. In 2016, the daily parental leave rate was 20.24 euros, in 2017 it will be 22.20 euros.

The parental leave is used in workdays – thus, in each calendar year, the employer needs to determine the number of workdays per the calendar year. The following illustrates the daily rate calculation for the parental leave in 2017. In 2017, there are 254 workdays and the national minimum salary is 470 euros per month. The following calculation is made to determine the average monthly workdays: 254 : 12 = 21.17. To find the daily rate of the parental leave, the minimum salary must be divided by the monthly average workdays: 470 : 21.17 = 22.20. Thus, the daily parental leave rate in 2017 is 22.20 euros.

The parental leave compensation (incl. for time off for parents raising a child with special needs) is calculated and paid to the employee by the employer. The employer must file an application to the Social Insurance Board to have it compensated from the state budget.

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