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Paternity Leave

Viimati uuendatud: 23.02.2017

A father is entitled to the total of 10 workdays of paternity leave during 2 months prior to the labour deadline as presumed by the doctor or midwife, and in 2 months following the birth. The employee’s workday is each day when the employee fulfils work tasks, regardless of the workday length. The purpose of the paternity leave is, similarly to that of child care leave and unpaid child leave, to give additional free time to engage in family life. When using the paternity leave in calendar days, a situation could occur when the leave includes also the employee’s days off.

The use of the paternity leave does not depend on whether the mother uses the pregnancy and motherhood leave or not. When using the paternity leave it is irrelevant whether the mother is unemployed, in civil service, employee, or tied with some other legal relationship. From the paternity leave use perspective it is also irrelevant whether the father and mother are married or not.

The father may use the leave successively or in parts, depending on the needs of the family, at one or several employers, but not over 10 workdays. At the latest, the leave must be used up when the child becomes 2 months old.

Starting from 01.01.2013, the paternity leave is compensated for according to the father’s medium remuneration. The maximum limit of the leave pay is triple the Estonian medium gross remuneration on the last but one quarter. The leave is remunerated to the employer from the state budget via the Social Insurance Board. The compensation is calculated and paid to the employee by the employer. The employer must file an application to the Social Insurance Board to have it compensated from the state budget.

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