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Working Environment Council Work Organization

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Working Environment Council Work Organization

The working environment council aims to analyse the company’s working conditions and check that all occupational health and safety requirements are adhered to. On regular meetings, for instance the following might be examined:

  • risk assessment results and fulfilling its’ action plan;
  • occurred occupational accidents;
  • working environment problems; giving suggestions to the employer on how to solve the problems and monitor the solutions;
  • the effect of planned changes on the occupational safety and health care;
  • possibilities to improve the working conditions of risk groups (e.g. young employees and pregnant women);
  • internal control results.

The working environment council makes decisions on the consensus principle – all council members must agree with the decision. The council forwards their suggestions to the employer in writing and if the employer cannot fulfil the suggestions, it must be grounded in writing within three weeks.

The council members must be given at least 1 hour per week free from other work responsibilities to participate at the council activities. If the working environment representative has also been elected to the council, then their weekly working time must have at least 3 hours (remunerated with the average wage) for fulfilling tasks related to the working environment – 2 hours for the representative and 1 hour for the council role tasks.

By December 1st each year, the working environment council must present a written report about their last year’s activities to the Labour Inspectorate.

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