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Instruction of Employees

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Guaranteeing a safe working environment is not the sole responsibility of the employer – the employees must also participate. The contribution of employees lies primarily in following the occupational healthcare requirements and using such work techniques which do not harm the life and health of the employee nor that of their co-workers.

The employee needs instructing and training in order for the employee to be aware of the work environment risks and so that they can avoid and decrease such risks.

Instruction and Training System

Introductory instruction is carried out prior to starting the work by the working environment specialist who introduces the new employee to the company’s work regulations and related rules, the measures for preventing occupational accidents or health injuries, the location of first aid kits and work safety requirements, and the code of conduct in case of an emergency or occupational accident.

  • Primary instruction is carried out by a competent person appointed by the employer on the site, introducing the new employee to the safety requirements compiled and approved by the employer, the risk factors of the workplace environment, the proper use of personal protective equipment, ergonomically correct work positions and techniques, and fire and electricity safety requirements.
  • Training for learning safe work techniques is provided after primary instruction and is carried out by a specialist or experienced employee, as chosen by the employer. The duration of the training depends on the position’s specifics, complexity and hazardousness.
  • Follow-up instruction might be required when the work organization’s or legislative acts change, equipment or technology is replaced or upgraded, when the employee changes their job position, or when the employee has breached work safety requirements which caused or could have caused an occupational accident.

The introductory instruction, primary instruction, training, follow-up instruction and permission to undertake independent work are registered in a corresponding diary or database.

The employee can be allowed to start working independently when the employer is certain that the employee completely understands the introduced safety requirements.

The employee must verify by signing that corresponding instructions have been introduced and that the employee has been allowed to start working independently. Instructions must also be accessible to the employees after the training.

Instruction and training is not a single and final activity. It must be checked whether the acquired knowledge is actually applied while working. Sometimes the introduced guidelines may not suffice – the employees cannot copy the work processes as competently as more experienced colleagues, and information tends to be forgotten in time. In other cases, employees do not identify the hazard nor use personal protective equipment.

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