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Working Environment Representative

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In a company with 10 or more employees, the employees pick at least one working environment representative from among themselves. The number of representatives also depends on the number of work shifts or structural units.

The employer must hold a general meeting where the employees can select the representative. The employer is obliged to introduce the tasks of the working environment representative and the representative’s rights and responsibilities.

The working environment representative is a person chosen by the employees who represents the opinions of employees when communicating with the employer concerning occupational health and safety topics. Successful activity requires that the representative has received training on working environment.

The working environment training is a 24-hour training session provided by training establishments registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs. During the training, the working environment representative gets an overview of questions related to occupational health and safety, work environment risk factors and their preventive measures. In some cases, further training might be required for the representative as prescribed by law – for example, if legislation has considerably changed.

The tasks of the working environment representative include:

  • supervision over the application of preventive occupational health and safety measures and verification that employees are equipped with functioning personal protective equipment;
  • participation in occupational accident and diagnosed occupational disease investigations;
  • informing the employees and employer (or their representative) immediately about discovered hazardous situations or deficiencies, and requiring that the employer eliminate the deficiencies as soon as possible;
  • monitor that employees get required knowledge, instructions and training on occupational health and safety.

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