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What Must a Contract of Employment Contain?

Viimati uuendatud: 21.02.2017

The contract of employment enforces the most important conditions, which usually are:

  • a description of work tasks;
  • remuneration received for the performed work;
  • working hours;
  • the location of the workplace.

The employer must inform the employee in writing about other data prescribed by the Employment Contracts Act that the parties have not agreed upon in the contract of employment – for example, the duration of the vacation, established work rules, and notification deadlines for terminating the contract of employment.

The employer must present data about the contract of employment to the employee in good faith, clearly and understandably.

Apart from data that the employer is obliged to inform the employee of, conditions exist of which the employer informs the employee if parties have agreed to do so. If the agreement is set in the contract of employment, an additional notification is not required.

Conditions that must be agreed upon:

  • a probationary period of less than four months, or no probationary period;
  • reasons for and duration of the fixed-term contract if the work is temporary or fixed-term;
  • application of the restraint of trade clause;
  • working outside the regular employer’s location or place of activity (working remotely);
  • employee’s working for a third party (temporary agency work);working with a total working time.

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