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Why to conclude contract of employment?

Viimati uuendatud: 21.02.2017

Usually, a contract of employment is concluded for doing work. The contract of employment provides the employees with more rights and better protection than other contracts. Thus, a contract of employment should be the favoured one. In the case of a contract of employment, the employee is subordinate to the management and control of the employer.

Among other rights, the contract of employment guarantees the following to the employee:

  • engagement with work during a longer time period;
  • receipt of remuneration on a regular basis, at least once a month;
  • tools and training at the cost of the employer;
  • a pause during the working day; daily and weekly time off work
  • extra fees for working on a public holiday, working overtime, or for night shifts;
  • a safe working environment and regular health checks;
  • the right to a yearly vacation.

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